Why water drops are always spherical

You poured normal water from the glass of water from a height but when falling down it gets split into the segment and why becomes spherical?
Here we are going to study this phenomenon on this website.

All the liquid on the planet poses a property called surface tension. This surface tension is the only reason for the liquid to be spherical. So let’s discuss what surface tension is-

Surface tension allows insects, usually denser than water, to float and slide on the water surface.

So from the above definition, it is clear that every liquid, say water, tries to occupy the minimum surface area. But how does it happen? It happens due to the molecular force of attraction.

Why water drops are always spherical
Molecular attraction bet two molecule

According to the molecular force of attraction, every molecule attracts the adjacent molecules as shown in the figure. Consider a water drop of having 9 molecules (e.g.  A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I) which is not spherical, say square. Let’s see how it becomes square-
As we know every molecule attracts its adjacent molecule. According to the figure-

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Why water drops are always spherical
Molecular attraction
  1. A will attract B, D & E
  2. B will attract A, C & E
  3. C will attract B, E & F
  4. D will attract A, B, E, H & G
  5. D will attract A, B, C, D, F, G, H & I
  6. F will attract C, B, E, H & I
  7. G will attract D, E & H
  8. H will attract G, D, E, F & I
  9. I will attract H, E & F

Note: Every force of attraction will be equal for the same liquid.

Now see molecules that are not on the surface are neutralized as they are attracting others and getting attracted towards other molecules with the same force. And the molecules on the surface attracts & gets attracted towards the center of the drop (here molecule E). As a result, Molecules get closer and become spherical.

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So from the above illustration and figures, it is clear that how the molecular force of attraction plays a vital role in making liquid drops spherical and generating a property called Surface Tension.

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I hope you understood the concept of spherical water drops. If you do so then please spread the knowledge over the social platforms with their friends and family.

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