Twitter Accounts of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Uber and others Hacked In An Anonymous Bitcoin Scam

The twiter accounts of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Uber and other top politicians, businessmen, celebrities and organisations have been hacked anonymously on Wednesday used to promote a Bitcoin scam.

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At around afternoon on Wednesday, these accounts where almost simultaneously attacked and was amazingly coordinated and smooth. The hacked accounts sent out tweets promising to double bitcoin funds of anyone that sends a certain amount within 30 minutes, providing a bitcoin wallet address to send the coin into and starting with similar phrases of “I am giving back to the society due to COVID-19”.

So far, the hackers’ bitcoin address sent in disguise has realized over $50,000 worth of bitcoin. Among those whose twitter accounts were hacked are Jeff Bezos, Apple Inc., Kanye West, Joe Biden, Micheal Bloomberg, Barack Obama, Uber Inc., Wareen Buffet.

The Twitter app is currently on heat as over 5,000 people fell for the scam and have sent bitcoin funds worth more than enough.

Hacking of twitter accounts usually happen, but this kind of hacking verified accounts of bigger men has never been seen before.



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